Dr. A P Siva Kumar

Gleneagles Global Hospitals

Consultant - Orthopaedics


Dr A P Siva Kumar has an overall experience of 17 years and is currently working as a Consultant at Gleneagles Global Health City. He has attended various conferences nationally and internationally. He has been involved in assessment of injuries and stabilization of the patient’s haemodynamic status, documentation of history and injuries, emergency wound management, splinting of the fractures, cervical traction, application of pelvic external fixator and reduction of dislocations and fracture under sedation. With his team, he has performed joint replacement surgeries, complex tibial plateau fracture fixation, pilon fracture fixation, acetabulum and pelvic fracture fixation, proximal humerus fixation, LCP fixation, anterior and posterior spinal decompression and stabilization, microscopic discectomy, arthroscopic ACL reconstruction, open Bankart’s repair, rotator cuff repair, acromioplasty, surgical management of congenital deformities, CTEV release and DDH management.



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