Dr. Ganesh Jadhav

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals

He has 20 Years of experience

Consultant - Oncology



Dr. Ganesh Jadhav is a senior Radiation Oncologist at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals in New Delhi with over two decades of experience under his belt. He has done a UICC Fellowship and a Commonwealth Fellowship to the UK. He is a Member of ASTRO (American Society of Therapeutic Radiation Oncology), a life member of AROI (Association of Radiation Oncologists of India), and the SNO (Society of NeuroOncology, Canada). He has specialization in a wide variety of field like Immunotherapy, Breast Cancer Surgery, Hormone Therapy, Colonoscopy Procedure, and Ocular Oncology, Gastrointestinal Cancer, Lung Cancer, Blood Cancer, Hepatobiliary Cancer, Gynecologic Cancer, Colorectal Cancer Treatment, Urologic Oncology, Modern Radiation Techniques, Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT), Stereotactic Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery, Image-Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT), 3D Brachytherapy, Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT


He has 20 Years of experience


  • MBBS

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